Clinical Trials-Accepts Manuscripts for Upcoming Issue


Clinical Trials celebrates a decade of its existence in the field of clinical evaluations publishing and research and extends a very warm welcome to all the authors, researchers, editors and student to contribute their latest research findings as full length articles to this collaborative clinical journal. The journal is committed to serve its readers authors by adding the state of the art facilities to enhance the author’s scholarly visibility.

Established in the year 2011, Clinical trials is one of the most reputed journals of Omics group, the medical publisher, known for its close-knit association with medical societies and agencies engaged in medical research. The journal has been publishing the most recent developments in the fields of clinical-associated diseases (like, Osteonecrosis, Cardioscope, Endovascular Treatment,  Study Protocol of the Japan NEN Registry, Accuracy of Left Atrial Strain in Predicting Left Ventricular End Diastolic Pressure, Cancer, Endovenous Laser Ablation, Surgical Operations, Oncology, and creates a platform for the authors to contribute towards the journal. The scope of the journal is not limited to the listed research areas but covers a lot more areas globally as full length research articles and case studies.

Not with standing to any specific field, the journal has so far published voluminous issues on clinical trials and other issues, challenges and therapeutic solutions to various fields. Under the able stewardship of Shailesh Jain, from USA, Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Rudolf Mahlknecht, from  New York, Yidong Wei  from  China as an Editor-in-Chiefs, world renowned researchers, scientists, and academicians including an Executive Editor Arun Aggarwal, from Australia, The University of Sydney , Australia, Adarsh Gandhi, USA, Li (Nancy) Chen, USA, E Michael Lewiecki, USA, Mutlu Ozcan, Switzerland , John D. Parker, USA, Trevor A. Winter, USA, Ankit S Lodha, USA etc., are acting as editorial board members to add significant value to the research in the field of Clinical Trials.

Listed and indexed in the reputed indexing sites like Web of Science, RefSeek, Hamdard University, Publons the Clinical Trials is committed to ‘Creative Commons’ policy of publishing the scholarly articles on open access forum, after a thorough peer review. Omics medical publications are highly respected by physicians, surgeons, practitioners, and researchers alike and thus become an essential part of the international medical landscape for publishing scientific literature, which is critical to the research cycle.

On the eve completing a decade in medical publishing, the Journal of Clinical Trials waives off 20% of its article processing charges to promote quality research from across the nations of the globe to encourage the latest research in the field of public health and safety only during manuscripts received on or before 28 December 2019 you may submit your manuscript either Online or via email mentioned below.



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